Fund Other Technologies

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding June 7 editorial “Vendetta Against Coal is Apparent.” It is felt the annual federal coal research funding should be increased back to $692 million as it was in 2009. Coal has been around for centuries. Hasn’t the industry figured out what to do with it after all that time? Don’t the coal mining and usage industries have any money for research?

Wind power had a slow start and has been around for two to three decades at most. Using the $692 million coal standard, wind power research should be about $4 billion annually. Similarly with solar power, which had a slow start and has been around for two to three decades. Solar power research funding should also be about $4 billion annually.

Then there is geothermal power, which has been sputtering for ages (except in Iceland) – a few billion at least. Finally, ocean wave power, which ought to get a whole big bunch just in case it turns out to be super viable. There are a lot of ocean waves around and you’ll never know if you don’t do the research.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but there are other forms of energy besides coal!

James R. Wisialowski