Government Job Figures Misleading

Editor, News-Register:

In the past few months, since the new Health Care Act (aka Obama Care) the federal government has been reporting that the employment rate is up and the unemployment rate is down.

Looking at the numbers you would think that this was great news. However, if you look closely and do the research you will find that the employment rate is up because part time employees who were working over 30 hours a week at their jobs were cut to 30 and under. Some businesses have cut part time staff 20 and under! Part-time employees who are living off of or supplementing their income with part-time work have had to go out and get a second part-time job that is also under the max hours that a part-time employee can work without their company being required to provide them health care coverage.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the jobs that are being filled are by those who have jobs and are now having to work two!

If they are not able to work two jobs or cannot find that second job, they now may qualify for public assistance, which defeats the purpose of the Health Care Act (aka Obama Care). They may be better off.

It is sad that American citizens that do want to work are now having to work two jobs at two different companies or make the decision to leave the workforce and accept public assistance.

Those who work and choose to do not always want or need health care. I have seen part time staff who are working to supplement their retirement have to, in their retirement, work two jobs. There are college students who are helping pay for their education and living expenses having to work two jobs. I know of high school students who go from school to work to help out their families.

Does the U.S. government not see that the Health Care Act has hurt the tax-paying, hard-working Americans who actually pay into the tax system that pays for such programs??!!

I know that I alone cannot change the program but I can express my opinion and sadness to what the hard-working people of the U.S.A. are being dictated to do.

I would hope that those who do believe that the hard-working Americans who want or only need part time work could be allowed to work what “they” need and not what the government dictates.

To all of those hard-working retirees, students and young people who have had their hours cut, please contact your state and federal government officials and express your concerns and tell them your story.

Lori Kestner