Stand Up for Our Freedoms

Editor, News-Register:

I, like most Americans, am native born with ancestors who migrated to this country because it offered a way of life allowing for opportunities with freedom and rights. I am proud to say I served my country in the United States Air Force. I enlisted (was not drafted) because I feel very strongly about the freedoms and rights enjoyed as an American citizen and believe in the preservation of those freedoms and rights. I am not an exception but one of the millions of Americans who likewise served and continue to serve this country in their own way and hold those freedoms and rights just as near and dear and want the preservation of those freedoms and rights just as myself.

I cannot exactly quote past President Abraham Lincoln but generally speaking he said we need not fear the destruction of America from outside but from inside. I’m certain he knew those freedoms and rights were the catalyst that not only are the basis of the foundation of this great country but they also hold the key to the present and the future preservation of this country. Historically the Revolutionary War and as well most wars entered into by this country indicates the willingness of the American people to believe in and to preserve the equality of those freedoms and rights for all people in America and for people around the world. Without these freedoms and rights we are not America, land of the free, and without them the very foundation of America is at risk. Without these freedoms and rights America’s destruction can come from within.

Not so long ago the first inhabitants of this land (native American Indians) had their freedom and rights taken away by government intervention. Prior to this intervention they lived as free people one with spirit. Their spirit of life was destroyed because of these actions. Our government intervention left them a broken people. So can and will the spirit of all Americans be destroyed by our governments intervention and removal of our freedoms and rights.

Intervention that solves problems can be positive if accomplished in a way as not to destroy the freedoms and rights that bind people with their spirit of life. Solutions to problems within today’s culture cannot not come down to freedom or rights removal. Decisions for the solutions to our country’s problems that are being implemented by this administration are driven and influenced by political reasons, big money, and international influence without total regard for our freedoms and rights. Most importantly, this administration must not use public emotional response to the internal problems of this nation as a fulcrum to implement their personal agenda and destroy our freedoms and rights.

In closing I would respectfully ask that our government hold in highest regard the freedoms and rights of the citizens of these United States of America. Leave our freedoms and rights alone. Vote no to gun control, repeal Obama care, vote no to illegal aliens and stop aliens’ “freebees,” vote no to ANY regulations that have a severe negative impact on industries such as the coal industry used to provide utilities for this nation. Environmental and all negative impacts can be changed by positive regulations that do not create other negative impacts. Work with, not against. Stop executive orders that have or will have a negative impact on this nation or go against our freedoms and rights. Remember and honor the citizens who throughout the ages and to this day have earned, sacrificed for, fought for and given their lives for these freedoms and rights. Stand up for our freedoms and rights. Please know my vote will reflect these concerns.

Gary Stuntz