Battling Voter Suppression

Editor, News-Register:

The right to vote is under attack in about 30 states. The right of blacks and latinos are the ones usually under attack. The Supreme Court tossed down a decision recently that led to immediate chaos in Republican states as they saw an opportunity to suppress the Democratic vote. They actually don’t want us to vote! (I thought this had all been settled a long time ago.)

Now, I do see some encouraging light. Several courts have stepped in with the message that Americans must be allowed to vote. Republicans always have good excuses for voter suppression, but they are just excuses. Thank heavens the courts did their duty in a very diligent way. Keep diligent, citizens, just in case someone tries to restrict your right to vote. Make sure you registered properly and make sure your friends did, too. Yes, I know Republican billionaires have a lot more millions to spend on advertising than we do, and with enough advertising, they can actually get some people to vote against themselves. It doesn’t make sense, but it can be done. Advertising can get into your mind and plant funny ideas there. That’s why they’re willing to spend so many millions on advertising.

I’ve heard that if your name on your voter registration card is different from your name on your driver’s license, you won’t be allowed to vote. One guy couldn’t vote because he was too old to have a drivers license anymore.

Be diligent. Be very diligent. Remember: Republicans are for the wealthy; Democrats are for everyone else. Hopefully Republicans won’t be able to block many Democrats from voting. If you want to see details, watch MSNBC at night.

Roger L. Tschappatt