GOP Plan Not Good for W.Va.

Editor, News-Register:

Mr. Ryan, Voice of the Republican Party:

When ordinary folks like you and me paid our taxes this year we probably never gave the Ryan Budget a thought, like good citizens, we just “rendered to Caesar.”

Here’s what it meant for West Virginia!

1.) 649 millionaires got an $87,000 tax break.

2.) Middle class families paid $2,000 more in taxes.

3.) 39,210 seniors paid more for medicine because of the prescription drug donut hole.

4.) 5,070 college students didn’t receive Pell Grants.

5.) 687 domestic violence victims lost access to the Stop Violence Against Women Program.

6.) 1,280 children lost Head Start.

7.) He continues to try to repeal Obamacare.

8.) Wants to get rid of Medicare/Medicaid with a voucher system.

9.) Wants to trim down Social Security – reformulate COLA.

Only God knows what other major changes he is after. Think about it and tell Mr. Republican to go pound salt!

Bea Stelmach