Make Country Great Again

Editor, News-Register:

I recently viewed a morning episode of HLN news in which there was a story on singer-producer Pharrell. Apparently Pharrell (shown in the newscast) had posed for a magazine cover while in Native American Indian attire, including a head dress.

A group of Native American Indians found this offensive, saying that this was their culture and not a costume. Pharrell later apologized. “Really?” Maybe they should go after the Lone Ranger or the Village People next.

It’s obvious Pharrell was not intentionally trying to offend anyone. Maybe Halloween should be outlawed. It’s no surprise that this country is in such poor shape with a mindset like that.

I’m not trying to shed a negative light on any one specific group because this type of thinking isn’t isolated to one group and I’m merely using this as an example. We need to get over ourselves, get on the winning team and make this country great again.

Josh Jacobs