Reporting Both Sides of Issue

Editor, News-Register:

The front page of the Wheeling paper reads like a page from Michael Crichton novel “State of Fear.” Understanding that not one member who is a Republican in congress believes in the global warming crisis. One Republican senator from the Sooner State has even taken to the Senate floor to cite Crichton, the late fiction writer, as a scientist.

I think fair and balance reporting would serve readers, not tabloid journalism. Why is what is missing in the EPA stories. Yes the EPA may be wrong, but 10 of the warmest years on record have occurred since 1998.

Science is on both sides and down the middle on the issue. If the polar caps melt and the sea level rises, it will cause a second :ittle Ice Age. Look at the holiday photos and all the snow from the time of Scrooge. That was the end of the Little Ice Age.

That is a threat to the food supply and foot shortage is the seed of revolution. A sidebar:?When Congress votes against food programs, they plant the seeds of revolution. Hunger is the No. 1 reason for revolution in history.

Where is the story of SAIC, the unclean Virginia based company that is involved with the clean coal technology at Datong China “Coad Town?” What side do they support in the political fight that rages?

If President Obama is correct, he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents. History will have little to say of the Wheeling congressman who might end up like those French girls did when Paris was liberated, with a hair cut. And yes, Shelley, you might get clipped in the history books as well.

Both sides, please.

Michael Traubert