Amend the Law On Executions

Editor, News-Register:

The July 24 News-Register carried a news article protesting the execution of a murderer in Arizona. He took one hour and 57 minutes to die.

Some group is protesting the inhumanity of it all. I don’t detect any pity for the victims or their families.

Why is it so hard to execute by anesthesia??Reportedly, 6,000 or 7,000 people yearly die in the United States in surgery from the anesthetics.

I agree quicker might be better. The electric chair would be quicker, but it would cook him alive. Drowning is supposedly painless, but the victim struggles. Hanging is quick, either penitentiary style or old-fashioned Western-style from horseback.

For speed and efficiency, I suggest the firing squad. I don’t see how much could go wrong there. For added assurance, use three loaded rifles instead of only one gun.

It’s time for some legislation to get to work and revise the laws.

Wilma Fiber

New Martinsville