Democrat Policies Led To Ormet’s Closing

Editor, News-Register:

There have been letters of complaint recently by obvious Democrat supporters complaining that Republicans ignored or didn’t do enough to help save the Ormet Aluminum facility in Monroe County. Evidently the writers of these letters don’t realize or care to admit that the Democrat Party and their unreasonable policies through the EPA were the main culprits in Ormet’s closing. Liberal Democrats profess to be on the side of consumers, but that position isn’t reflected in the price of electricity, food, gasoline, jobs and the list goes on. The Democrat philosophy for solving nearly any problem is more government and government handouts at taxpayer expense. There are exceptions where tax dollars are justified to help a private industry get back on its feet and become self-sustainable. A loan to Chrysler years ago is one. The irony of the stimulus spending by the present dysfunctional administration is that out of nearly one trillion dollars in stimulus money, they couldn’t come up with some of it to help Ormet Corporation build their own power plant and become self-sufficient and profitable. There may be many reasons why that didn’t happen, but at this point in time it’s water under the bridge. It’s not likely that Ormet will be reconstituted. This is another example of people speaking out after they feel the pain as the result of liberal policy. Most people in this area don’t relate to all the negative results of this administration thus far. When you look at the overall picture, it’s no wonder that two-thirds of the people in this country have a negative opinion of this Administration and the Democrat Party.

Their main supporters are those getting government handouts or think they should. If parasites aren’t stopped, they eventually kill the host.

The reality for liberals and blind Democrat supporters being that much or most of the stimulus money was utilized to in effect buy votes to get Barrack Obama re-elected.

One can write, and many have written books about all the negatives of this twisted, corrupt, dictatorial, anti-American Administration and their blatant lawlessness, yet its supporters continue to blame someone else. Sad to say, but ignorance, apathy, and lack of common sense leadership continues to prevail.

Roy E. Schnegg

Clarington, OH