Finder of Wallet, Sheriff Are Praised

Editor, News-Register:

On July 13, 2014, I read a letter to the editor where a family had attended the Bethlehem fireworks display and the wife was retrieving something from her purse and inadvertently dropped her wallet. The wallet was returned and the family was commenting on the honest people.

I would also like to share my story which also tells how the people in the Ohio Valley are honest.

During a recent trip to the Toyota dealership at the Highlands, our car stopped due to a transmission problem. I was frightened because the problem was on a narrow back road between two curves and without any area to move the car to the side. I got out of the car until my husband finally was able to get the car moving again. We arrived at the dealership and that is when I discovered my wallet missing. We had been at the dealership earlier that morning and I had my wallet with me, but after returning later in the day I discovered it missing.

That same evening after retiring to bed our doorbell rings and it was the Ohio County Sheriff’s department returning my wallet. The deputy told us that a guy found it on the side of the road and had called the Ohio County Sheriff to turn it in.

I want to thank this person for being honest and giving me not only the money and driver’s license, but the wallet, since it had meaning to me. A good friend had a wallet like the one I lost and had told me where I could get one like hers. She passed away a few years ago and this wallet is associated with her memory.

God Bless this honest person and thanks to the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department for all the work they do.

Karen Bruhn