Gas Line Maps Needed

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding an article in June, “Water Break Washes Out Game”: The picture caption includes the statement that city water crews “had trouble locating the valve to shut off the water.” One of the very first things a city must initiate and stringently maintain, without failure, is maps with locations, landmarks, distances, etc., of all the water lines, shutoff valves and related items. Doing this is not political, not a multimillion-dollar proposition, or wasteful of city services. It’s just plain common sense!

The same should have been done starting Day 1 with all the natural gas pipellines being buried in the area. My guess is that it wasn’t done, other than some sloppy drawings and notes, at best. A few decades from now, all residents will pay in one form or another, when leaks, ruptures, explosions and other malfunctions start to appear.

James. R. Wisialowski