Hypocrisy Concerning Immigrants Cited

Editor, News-Register:

It is encouraging to know that some groups such as Catholic Charities are all over the country, as well as other religious groups and individuals, are stepping up to take care of the Central American refugee children. Unfortunately, some Americans have been ambassadors of bad will. The angry mobs who terrorize the children may be an extreme. But even kinder, gentler politicians and pundits, who want to give the children a hot meal and a bath before deporting them, do not represent our country’s finest hour.

It is interesting to note that while nearly all conservative politicians and pundits claim to be pro-life, many conservatives are resistant to taking in the refugees. They claim that, even if we are compassionate, we cannot afford to add some 50,000 children to our care. If the same people were serious about being pro-life, they would wish to have added all of the children who were aborted. The number of legal abortions is over one million per year and a total of 50 million since Roe v. Wade.

I do not wish, here, to argue the morality of abortion, nor to speculate on the impact of an additional 50 million people. But I want to point out the inconsistency of those who claim to be pro-life, but who demand that we send thousands of refugees, mostly children, back to the horrendous and life-threatening conditions from which they escaped. The children’s escape was a grueling and dangerous trek to a land that they thought was a place of safety, freedom, and opportunity.

I know that some citizens can make a case against the refugees based on bottom-line thinking and a passion for lower taxes. But those who make and press this case should not dare to call themselves “pro-life.”

Richard P. Mullin