Immigration Crisis Not Being Addressed

Editor, News-Register:

I would like to take a minute to talk about the current immigration crisis along the Texas-Mexico border, and to those who think we should help those who come from Guatemala and surrounding countries.

This is not 1904 and this is not Ellis Island. On a federal, state and local government level, the resources are not there to handle this situation, and we can barely take care of ourselves as it is and sometimes can’t even do that much.

Our infrastructure is crumbling (bridges, roads), and states and municipalities are cutting services.

We just can handle this influx of immigrants. It is my opinion that we need to work with these countries to slow or stop this mass exodus where it starts, and also put more border agents into service and strengthen weak points in the border with an impenetrable structure once and for all. Last, but not least, lets get a president in the next election that will go to our U.S./Mexico border to talk with officials instead of playing pool and drinking a beer.

On an unrelated and local note, can Chris Carder and anyone else involved get over the issue with the hat that Tim Birch wants to wear. It’s a hat. Get over yourselves! There are more important issue at hand. For those who want to put this at the top of their priority list, I’m sure that registered voters with good common sense will remember this in the next election.

Josh Jacobs