It Is Way Past Time We Stand Up to Obama

Editor, News-Register:

The question of Sunday’s church service was “WHAT’S HAPPENING TO AMERICA?” The answer I have is our politicians in the House of Representatives and Congress have forgotten or don’t care what our forefathers built into the Constitution, to preserve the rights of the people, to make all people equal and for the welfare of the people.

I have to give the president credit for one thing, he had enough guts to try to help those underprivileged welfare people; however, it was the wrong time after 10 or more years of war debt. Our children and grandchildren did not deserve to have a debt placed over their heads before they had a chance of helping themselves to be productive citizens of this great country. All he has accomplished with this besides putting the country in debt to China and other countries, is make people have no respect for themselves, created a bunch of freeloaders who demand they be supported by the government, but who supports the government and pays the bills. I don’t believe any American with self-respect desires to live this way.

Bring back our jobs instead of sending them to other countries. Make our businesses survive, not dissolve.

The American economy needs jobs to survive.

Everything I read and hear from leading politicians is that Obama has not lived up to the presidency in a manner that follows the Constitution. He, according to the politicians, should be impeached for everything he has done against that Constitution. Thus, I believe that time has long passed!

When are you going to stand up against this president? And correct the laws according to the Constitution. It’s past time to impeach this man.

He has done more to destroy jobs (coal industry, including electricity for the people) than he has accomplished in building our economy. It seems most everyone he has placed in a position of government exits the job in a couple of years – probably after finding out they cannot work with his leadership.

His bureaucracy is nothing but a dictatorship, including the EPA and Homeland Security.

Why does the U.S. want to help these Asian countries, they can’t even respect their own people. It’s been that way since the beginning of time – they are just a bunch of tribal delegations, who want to have the say, they will never have peace because they cannot get along with each other. What have they done for the U.S. but raise prices, just like Obama? Prices of food have doubles, it costs twice as much for transportation, to go to work, vacation or simply go to the grocery store.

The 40 million senior citizens in this country are on limited income and all Obama wants to do is take away their welfare, their health insurance and their right to Social Security and give it to illegal immigrants, more freeloaders.

Robert W. Thomas