Parents Praise Local School Staff, Students

Editor, News-Register:

Ohio County Schools have educated both of our children in terms of didactic academics, sports, and socialization. I, a steelworker for 15 years prior to attaining four degrees (Bachelor, two Masters, and a Doctorate) am no stranger to what education can do for one.

My wife and I wish to acknowledge the very wonderful group of students who helped our son through his journey, as well as the janitors, cafeteria workers, office staff, coaches, teachers, principals and county administration who mentored him. We are truly blessed in this valley with genuinely caring, compassionate and kind individuals who a gifted sense of right and wrong. The courage to carry out that which is right was displayed repeatedly time and time again by those in contact with our son, Jamie.

We have donated $500 to the special needs programming in the county system and will likely sponsor a humble scholarship for special needs children in that system.

Jamie has completed a job training program through Goodwill (what a fine organization!!) and will start work at Reisbeck’s (another fine organization with a social conscience and commitment) in the Grove this week.

My wife and I don’t want the many years of help by an educational community to go unrecognized.

Lance and Dana Tarr