Reduce Public Pensions, Limit Drilling Damage

Editor, News-Register:

The city of Wheeling is looking at ways to make cuts for their budget shortfalls again. I usually keep my mouth shut, but then I read where they thought about taxing the working poor.

The city leaders and members of various departments should be ashamed of themselves, sitting back enjoying life with your big fat pensions and medical insurance for life, not to mention retiring at 50 years old. Very few of us in the private working sector have pensions, and the ones that do take big cuts up to 46 percent for early retirement.

The solution to the problem is simple – raise the retirement age and reduce the pensions. I’m not punishing anyone, it’s just a fact these days. It’s being done everywhere. That’s life.

My second point, I can’t believe our leaders have allow these gas industry giants worth billions of dollars to come into the Northern Panhandle and run roughshod over everything here, including the people, speeding on our roadways, running overweight, oversize trucks, reducing the roads to rubble, and sending many local to the auto repair shop for costly repairs due to the increase in potholes. They are ruining our way of life. It will be changed forever with well pads, water and air pollution, and higher property taxes, the beautiful landscape of the Northern Panhandle altered forever over the almighty dollar.

The only people benefitting from the gas exploration are already rich. The people and our leaders need to rise up against what’s going on before it’s too late. What do you think will happen when the earthquakes start, and your house sits on top of a hill? These hills will start shifting and settling. The insurance companies aren’t going to pay for it. You are.

To the leaders of the Northern Panhandle, we need a user tax on these gas giants to repair what they are about to screw up. All the roads, rivers, cracks, streams, not to mention more air pollution. It’s probably too late already, and our leaders are too slow.

I’m just some dumb hick, retired and ready to move to do Florida.

Jeff Whitehouse