Ruth Didn’t Hit That Home Run

Editor, News-Register:

The setting is Wheeling’s Fulton Park (aka Stogie Park) on Monday, May 15, 1933. The hero is George Herman “Babe” Ruth of the New York Yankees.

Throughout the years the story has often been told of Babe Ruth hitting a mammoth home run “out of the park” and over the Fulton School building in right field. Thanks to the Ohio County Public Library, the true story was recently researched in the Wheeling News-Register archives.

The New York Yankees had completed a series in St. Louis and, as promised, stopped in Wheeling to play an exhibition game against their Class C Farm Team, the Wheeling Stogies. The game attracted some 10,000 Ohio Valley fans with the Yankees winning 7-2, ending in a downpour after eight innings.

The “Babe” played first base and rapped two screaming doubles but never hit the home run he had often been said to have registered. Highlights of the game included a triple play by the Stogies and the only home run by the Stogies George Dickey, the younger brother of the Yankees’ catcher Bill Dickey.

Ruth’s age in 1933 was 38 years old and the newspaper article mentioned that the Yankees were in town 10 years earlier but never left the hotel because of inclement weather.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Ron Miller