School Leadership Vital in Ohio County

Editor, News-Register:

I want Dr. Dianna Vargo, as superintendent of Ohio County Schools, to succeed at her job. I want Ohio County Schools to be the best possible place to send my children to school. In this vein, I think Dr. Vargo needs to know that parents in Ohio County Schools generally respect and like her and know she is extremely dedicated to her job. What many parents are concerned about is the lack of leadership on many issues being displayed by the superintendent. Stop following every school board president down the rabbit hole of politics, personal agendas and pettiness.

Parents want the superintendent to express dissatisfaction with improper school board involvement in the daily management of the school system, interference with the supervision of school employees, and ill-conceived policy changes. Run the school system with a clear and decisive voice and let the accomplishments and achievements of the schools and her performance speak for itself. It is not the school board members who the superintendent should be trying to please, but the parents of students who want a school system that not only shines on the outside but has a clear focus on the educational needs of all its students.

It has been reported and talked about ad nauseam that the superintendent’s contract will be up for renewal and debate in two years. The public will overwhelmingly support Dr. Vargo’s renewal as superintendent if she keeps in mind that voters and parents carry more weight than school board members. Abraham Lincoln said, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.” The superintendent has it within her power to create her future and the future of Ohio County Schools by displaying strong and committed leadership.

David Delk