See Fracking Damage With Your Own Eyes

Editor, News-Register:

The out of town frackers are at it again with the same local response. If you were not on Peters Run, Chapel Hill, Dement, Wardens and Boggs Hill roads, you missed the frack truck invasion hauling tons of sand and millions of gallons of water to the Timmy Minch Pad as the frackers looted the earth toward Oglebay Park. This latest frack attack lasted for a barely endurable two weeks, from about July 20 to Aug. 3.

I notified the usual contacts to get public officials on my property to bear witness to the onslaught. For the third time, not one official could make it to my house. Hmmmmmmmm. Why is there such a reluctance to witness how fracking affects residents? Part of a doctor’s job is to observe the human condition. I can name four people, who live on the truck route to the Minch Pad, who had sleep disturbances. Three of them are a local doctor’s clients, yet he has proclaimed the naive belief that the scientific documentation has yet to reveal that fracking does not endanger the public’s health. And sleep deprivation and accompanying agitation is not a public health issue? I am being asked to believe that the over 1,500 examples of people on the List of the Harmed are Photoshopped? Shalefield Stories is a bunch of fairy tales? Dr. Theo Colborn fabricated the results of her research?

I and other witnesses had a mass hallucination about the smells from flaring, the sounds of drilling from 1.5 miles away, and the sight of thousands of roaring trucks as they rumbled passed my house all night and day? The Parr and Hallowich family verdicts resulted from rigged juries? Don’t ask me to believe doctors can’t afford to put $5 of gas in their cars to make the 6- mile round trip to my house. Is it asking too much for two doctors to chip in $2.50 apiece for gas to carpool to my house? Don’t try to convince me that doctors can negotiate with the insurance companies on how to guarantee their exorbitant fees but can’t read Mapquest to get to my house. They can find villages in the deepest jungles of Africa to vaccinate non-Jenny McCarthy types but can’t find Peters Run Road? They can drive to elementary schools to use puppets to demonstrate the dangers of smoking but remain silent on frack flaring? These medical geniuses can shut down productive, special needs students’ donut shop but turn a blind eye to the communities surrounded by frack pads? The Health Board can spend $50,000 to remodel but doesn’t have the money to, at least, rent environmental monitoring gadgets from a university that is studying fracking impacts?

This is a lack of will to see how fracking is affecting a community. My calls were not demanding a change in legislation. I just requested them to put their feet in my shoes. Here is a prescription for the Health Board: Vacate your ivory towers in the suburbs, which aren’t on the truck routes and where fracking isn’t happening, and observe what is going on in the rural parts of the county. I’m not going to give you a co-pay. I’m not giving you my card to bill the insurance company. Come out here because it’s your job!

Considering new revelations that “… 557,000 tons of drill waste was deposited in four landfills located in Wetzel, Brooke, Ohio and Wood counties between 2012 and 2013” (Sunday News-Register, Aug 3), the cumulative effect of venting, injection well induced earthquakes, data being collected from the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project’s speck air quality monitoring program, and the Monroe County residents’ outcries for more public official involvement in the wake of the massive conflagration and aquatic life extermination at the Eisenbarth Pad (The Intelligencer, Aug. 8), valley residents need to have representatives who will stop towing the frack companies’ propaganda and reveling in the tax revenue and not get their understanding of fracking from Youtube but actually observe how rural parts of the county are being turned into industrial parks.

Fracking is new and unproven technology, despite the corporate indoctrination, and it is endangering the public. After giving the frackers a chance to prove they are safe, too many uncertainties and unknowns are quickly mounting. Yet the Health Board clings to the corporate lies because they refuse to observe. The Health Board has lost credibility with me. This is no longer Ohio County: Rural areas are a sacrifice zone. I don’t remember seeing candidates Chesapeake, Halliburton, Statoil et al on the last ballot, but they are dictating public policy.

Informing the public about the irreversible loss of Ohio County is not a waste of my time.

Mark Eddy

Peters Run

Ohio County