Setting an Example On Wearing Hat

Editor, News-Register:

I attended the Ohio County Board of Education Meeting on Monday, July 28.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Birch mentioned that some people have trouble with his wearing his hat during the meeting. Mrs. Carder responded and brought up a good point relating to students wanting to do the same.

Perhaps Mr. Birch needs to go back to school. He would see students who go about their school day, and put their hats on when they exit the building. Their teachers and administrators do not wear hats while performing their duties. Policemen remove their hats when they enter a building. It is what a gentleman does.

I read the story in the July 30 Intelligencer where Mr. Birch says he keeps his hat on so he won’t forget it, and that his hat is a part of him. I am sure that if he attends board meetings, funerals, official functions, school functions, someone will be happy to watch his hat for him so he doesn’t forget it. And when the function is over, he can immediately put the hat back on and go about his business. What an excellent example he would be setting for Ohio County students – especially young men.

Judith Conkle

Retired Ohio County teacher