Too Much ‘News’ Really Propaganda

Editor, News-Register:

One only has to have a true open mind when watching the “news” that the mainstream media chooses to “inform” us with to see how one-sided and shaped it is in attempts to mold us into what they want us to be, and how we should think (and vote). Funny how all free OTA (over-the-air terrestrial/antenna) broadcast stations and FTA (free-to-air satellite) stations have been hijacked by only left-leaning “news.”

It’s no wonder most lower income folks voted for our current president. It’s all they see. If you don’t pay for broadcasting or Internet, you don’t hear both sides and get a real opportunity to weigh them both out and make decisions for yourself.

So, who truly does have all the big money (enough to control all free media)? Think again if you think it’s only the Republicans. After all, whichever politician has the most money and training at shaping the truth wins elections almost always, and we’ve been duped on the last two presidential elections.

Vladimir Putin is way less threat to our Constitution than our own president. One only has to look at the severity of the long list of executive orders directly violating the documents our wise founding fathers enacted to secure our freedoms. You see, it’s not the count of executive orders that is the problem but the damage to freedoms that will be lost for future generations to come, by so many being direct attacks on our Constitution.

If it were legal you could bet a hundred dollars that it will be worse after this fall’s elections, and another hundred that if a Republican had done the same things in office, impeachment would have followed swiftly. I thank God our First Amendment still somewhat stands enough for me to submit this without fear. Who knows for how much longer, though. God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

James Andears