Wake Up, Voters Of West Virginia

Editor, News-Register:

This is my response to the article by staff writer Ian Hicks which was in Sunday’s paper on Aug. 17, “Nation Eyes on W. Va. Race.”

It implies to me that if Capito wins Jay Rockefeller’s Senate seat, that there’s a good chance Republicans will win big in 2014 and 2016 when they take the Senate and the White House. Heaven help us little guys if that happens.

What has happened to the Democratic state I grew up in? What’s wrong with you, West Virginia Democrats? Shame, shame for letting the Republicans take over.

What have Republicans ever done to help the little guy?

Now, as the “Party of No,” they are against everything that helped the little guy – against minimum wage, extending unemployment benefits, equal pay for equal work, immigration reform, climate change, equal rights for all people, Medicare as we know it, Social Security – they want it privatized – helping kinds with college, refusing to put Obama’s jobs bill up for a vote, and on and on and on.

If Republicans take control of the Senate with Koch Brothers’ billions, they will end up buying our government, killing our democracy.

It will mean a Senate the likes of Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who has helped cut off access to medical care for struggling families, opposes gay rights, helped impose ridiculous voting restrictions, curtailed reproductive rights, yet expanded opportunities to carry loaded guns in bars.

It will mean Joni Earnst of Iowa, who wants a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages, is against immigration reform, amnesty, and says the federal government shall set no minimum wage.

Scott Brown says, “Do I have the best credentials for U. S. Senate??Probably not because, you know, whatever.”

Mitch McConnel says, job creation in Kentucky is not his job. Neither is it his Senate job.

The far right has gone too far with these people, and let’s not forget the worst of all – Ted Cruz the No. 1 Wacco Bird.

Surely, surely we can do better. Wake up West Virginia voters. Beware.

P.S. A Republican president in 2016-no, no, no.

Bea Stelmach