Youths Praised For Fundraising Efforts

Editor, News-Register:

The Tony Teramana Cancer Center received a unique donation this summer.

Jack Jones, age 9, son of Chris and Kristy Jones of Wellsburg, and friend Bode Billiard, age 9, son of Paul and Millie Billiard of Wellsburg, organized a Lemonade Stand fund-raiser during a corn hole tournament in Wellsburg on Memorial Day Weekend. The two boys raised $17.30. Additionally, Jack recently accepted a cold water challenge and raised $40 by jumping into the Ohio River, and chose the cancer center as his charity, bringing his total collections to $57.30.

Jack was shy at first when presenting his donation; however he warmed up as he shared that he raised the money in honor of his grandfather, Kevin Yanda. Dr. Hyland, radiation oncologist, teased him about jumping into the river then asked him if raising the money was hard work. Jack immediately shrugged his shoulders and said, “No, it was easy.”

We applauded Jack for his act of kindness and let him know that the dollars he helped raise may go towards helping a patient buy gas for their car to come in and get treatment, it may also help a patient buy food who isn’t working due to cancer, or it may even go toward helping to pay for a patient’s electric bill. Jack wrinkled his nose and immediately replied, “Electric bill? I’ve never paid an electric bill before.” We told him that he should be very proud of himself for doing this good deed and he replied, “Yes, I’m a leader!” as he pumped his fist and gave his mom a big smile.

Jack should be an inspiration to all of us, showing that it only takes a little effort to make a big impact in people’s lives. The dollars raised will go directly to support patient needs though our Oncology Tear Fund. Our sincere thanks goes to Jack, his partner Bode, and his family for supporting the kids’ idea and helping them follow through with it.

Tom DeFallo