Investigate How, Why Election Was Influenced

Editor, News-Register:

I would like to take this opportunity to respectfully respond to a number of points made by Mr. William Welker, who obviously is well-informed and well-educated, and it is by no means my intention to disparage the aforementioned columnist in any way. However, I would like to offer counterpoints to personal observations/opinions that he made in his Jan. 1 column in the News-Register.

Including stating that “liberals” lost the presidential election and should simply accept defeat. Apparently, regardless of the unprecedented number of odd circumstances (“October surprises”) that occurred that were obviously designed to influence the outcome of the election in favor of real-estate mogul and reality television personality, Donald J. Trump, by the Russian government and their pro-Trump dictator, Vladimir Putin, WikiLeaks, and the fact that FBI Director James Comey released, only 11 days prior to the election, that additional emails that may have involved Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, which were later found to reveal nothing, when such is not to be done within 60 days prior to an election, as a result of the uncertainty and confusion such could well have on the election, are not coincidences and motives of those involved should be pursued.

As a nation, do we not pride ourselves on the ultimate fairness of the electoral process, and if such may well have not been the case, to expose those responsible for disrespecting and disrupting this hallowed process?

This is not an attempt to overturn the election results, but to get to the facts as to ultimately who was responsible and for what motive.

Talk about hypocritical. Did not candidate Trump, himself, during the campaign state on numerous occasions that the election was “rigged” against him, without any shred of evidence?

In addition, during the election Mr. Trump oftentimes encouraged Russia and WikiLeaks to continue their illegal interference in our election, as it was seen to benefit him.

Apparently, Mr. Trump places himself, and his political goals, over the sanctity and cyber-security of our great nation.

Also, our great country honors the right of all citizens to “freedom of speech,” including “Hollywood-types,” as we are all entitled to our personal opinions, as well as our right to express them.

Republicans/conservatives have long courted these “Hollywood-types” for decades, but their efforts have proven to be less than successful.

A notable exception, however, is former President Ronald Reagan, who had long been an outspoken Democrat and benefited greatly by the administration of Democratic president Franklin D. Roosevelt and his “New Deal” policies, until it became apparent that Reagan believed it to be more beneficial for him politically to change parties, and eventually became a Republican/conservative icon.

It is obvious that long-time Democrat Donald Trump had an “epiphany” similar to that of President Reagan, which led to his political conversion and ultimate electoral success.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry