Trump’s Actions Show His Heart ‘Cold, Ugly’

Editor, News-Register:

Trump sinks to the bottom with his latest move, at least that I’m aware of.

After so many despicable attempts to hurt people, he’s at it again. For example:

1. Women abuse. Remember, he said if you’re famous, they let you do whatever you want to do with them, just grab them by the p—–. We all heard that.

2. His outrageous mistreatment of Mr. and Mrs. Khan, who lost their only son while fighting in the Iraq War, which we should never have started in the first place. You see, they are Muslims. Then he wanted a ban on all Muslims entering the country, and called for a registry of all of them here.

3. His mistreatment of Hillary, calling her “Crooked Hillary,” then encouraging his followers when they shouted, “Lock her up, lock her up!”

4. Mocking the disabled reporter, disgustingly, which is on tape. I’ve seen it a dozen times. Now he says he didn’t do it! How stupid does he think we are? On second thought, pretty stupid for electing him. I wonder if all the people who voted for him are proud of that vote. As for me, I can definitely say, with pride, that I am so proud I voted against him. Best vote I ever cast!

5. Calling Mexicans criminals and rapists, building a wall at the border, then making them pay for it! Their president said, no way, so he then said we taxpayers will pay for it! I think he should foot the bill since he has so many billions just laying around!

6. Then there’s his campaign manager, K.A. Conway. She says the media takes everything Trump says at face value (imagine that) instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt, that the media wants to take what comes out of his mouth, instead of looking into his heart! What planet does she live on? Oh yes, it’s a new one, recently discovered, called TRUMPLAND, where he lives! I guess no one ever told her that our words do come from our hearts and they do judge us.

Unfortunately, Trump’s heart is cold and ugly! Does she expect world leaders not to take his word about world affairs, or does she expect them to just look into his heart, if they can find it? Lots of luck there!

I’ve said all of this to get to the real reason for this letter. I just heard that Trump fired an 89-year-old man, by email yet, instead of talking with him! This 89-year-old man, Charles Brotman, has been grieving for his wife, who died recently. They had been married 65 years. He was looking forward to announcing for the inauguration parade, hoping for a brief distraction from his grief. According to an article in Vanity Fair, he has done that for the last 11 presidents, starting with Eisenhower!

Trump, who loves to fire people, fired this old gentleman, fired him by email! When he received the email, he told VF, that he got the shock of his life. He first thought of suicide. Thankfully, he didn’t!

The good news is, I just heard a local TV station has stepped in and hired him. He will get to announce it in spite of Trump!

How could Trump treat this old gentleman so outrageously when he didn’t deserve it?

It’s that cold, ugly heart — no feeling for another human being, too full of Donald.

This person has stooped so very low, and now, is our, no, the president of these wonderful United States of America. For all the reasons in this letter, he will never be my president. He has earned no respect from me!

Bea Stelmach