Alecto Plan for City To Pay Is Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

The newspaper reported that Alecto would need the City of Wheeling to repair the parking garage across the street from OVMC to the tune of $1.5M. For our $1.5M, Alecto gets to lease the garage for $1/year and charge whatever they want for parking fees. The report is that number has increased to $3M to also raze one of the OVMC buildings.

What’s next? Alecto is a for-profit health care entity that is acting like it’s all about profits. They claimed that they were all about keeping 1,500 jobs in this area, but we didn’t hear about this master plan to have the taxpayer foot the bill. Senator Ferns helped Alecto avoid a public hearing where we may have heard what their real plan was. Do we really know if Alecto will protect jobs? When businesses are losing money in shrinking markets, as OVMC has experienced for years, the first step is to reduce costs. That means jobs.

Now the city’s elected officials get to deal with the fallout from secrecy that Senator Ferns facilitated. I understand the claim from OVMC employees that patients should have choices. As a taxpayer I also believe we should have a choice; I don’t want a for-profit hospital telling me where my tax dollars should go so they can secure their profits.

Jondavid Pollock, M.D., Ph.D.



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