Let’s Stop the Stupidity

Editor, News-Register:

For all the people who supported and voted for Donald Trump, thank you so much. After the devastating loss of the Democrats in the presidential election, they will never accept their loss. The far left and so-called celebrities will continue their frivolous antics against Donald Trump for the next four to eight years.

All they have left to do is protest and march throughout America to get publicity from the news medioa and newspapers to get their five minutes of fame.

With all of their protest and demonstrations, they will finally dispose of the Democratic Party entirely. Madonna can make a threat to blow up the White House, Hillary Clinton’s email scandals and mishandling of our classified documents, and Snowden should be charged with treason. If anyone else would do what they did, we would be in prison.

So where the hell is justice? Our veterans have days, weeks and months before they can get the treatment they need and deserve. But Chelsea Manning had a sex change, and now wants our taxpayers to pay for it. Are you kidding? People, get real and stop the stupidity.

Susanne Strain

St. Clairsville