Trump Right to Fire Comey From FBI Post

Editor, News-Register:

The Trump administration has left me singularly unimpressed thus far; especially the National Socialist cabinet with its admixture of generals and big, big business. However, with the public sacking of the FBI director, the president has earned my admiration and my respect. Unlike most of the public bloviators, I like both what he did and how he did it.

Comey was a far worse snake than J. Edgar Hoover (whose evil deeds were committed in the cover of darkness) ever was and Trump was rightfully as brutal as he was on his TV show: “You’re fired!” The Buddhists say that if one must kill, then they should kill with one blow. The director went down like he had been hit by a sniper from 3,000 miles away. So be it.

And Trump’s proffered reason for the action (although considered suspect by many) was good enough for me. Obama shouldn’t have let the director get away with twice announcing publicly that a candidate was the target of an investigation. He should have fired him when he first opened his mouth. No county sheriff, to my knowledge, has ever done such a thing.

The fact that Mrs. Clinton did not immediately congratulate Trump shows what a lightweight she was. Her press conference blaming everyone but herself for her loss was a disgrace to her gender and her party. Shonda!

H. John Rogers

New Martinsville


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