Affordable Housing For Purchase Needed

Editor, News-Register:

Affordable housing, not renting:

Having lived here near Wheeling all my life and seen this area lose factories and population. It is nice to see all the new housing being built in the Wheeling. They are all very nice and quality built. As we baby boomers approach the age of 70, and cutting grass, going up and down steps, and keeping up with maintaining upkeep of the house, is becoming harder each and every year.

The new housing built near the old LaBelle plant in south Wheeling, near Reasbecks, along National Road near Washington Avenue and downtown Wheeling are very nice.

However, there is one problem. They are all rentals. Selling my house and systematically paying from $700 to $2,300 a month is not an option, nor is turning over my Social Security check every month. I would like to leave some inheritance to my children. You are going to force me and other boomers to leave the area. Perhaps the builders are hoping the cracker Plant will be built in Moundsville and there will 5,000 workers looking for a place to stay for five years or so. Have at it. Perhaps if that happens I can get more for my house and move to an area of affordable housing, not renting.

Joe Trubiano