Confederate Statues Must Go

All vestiges of the Confederacy must go. If you call yourself a Republican, lean Republican or vote Republican, this should be a fundamentally easy issue. Stop ceding the moral high ground on civil rights, equality and freedom to liberals and Democrats. We can believe in small government, self-reliance, free markets and individual liberty without being on the sidelines of civil liberties. Republicans in the United States Senate, like Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio get it; why can’t the rest of us?

Standing on the capitol grounds in Charleston is a statue of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. The historic record is clear. These Confederate statues were erected as a means to sanitize history. They are part of the Cult of the Lost Cause. The goal of this “cult” was to hide the truth that the Confederacy was on the wrong side of humanity. These men fought against the United States of America. They were not patriots. These statues are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history but are purposeful monuments to celebrate a fictional and romanticized Confederacy. These monuments to a defeated ideal ignore the death, enslavement, and terror for which the Confederacy actually stood.

There should be no part of being a Republican, or an American for that matter, which involves honoring men who fought to the death to enslave a race of people. The Confederacy died over 150 years ago. The fight should be against Progressivism, not history.

David Delk