Take Care of ‘Harp’ Roads

Editor, News-Register:

Open letter to West Virginia commissioner of highways:

It is encouraging to see the effort being placed on getting a bond issue passed and to see the start of reconstruction of our wonderful highway system, which has fallen in dire need of repairs. I am hopeful there will be money allocated in this venture to repair and pave the roads which have been designated as “Harp” roads.

The Division of Highways placed these roads in their system with the promise to maintain them, which includes snow removal and repair. It seems like every year we have to beg, write letters and try and work through our local delegate to receive any attention. The local DOH always informs us that these roads are of a low priority, and they will get to them as time and money permits. With the passage of the bond issue, money should not be a problem.

There are a lot of roads in Marshall County which have a designation of “Harp Roads” status, and the people living on them are the ones paying more taxes than the traffic passing through our state at 70 miles per hour on the Interstate system. It will take millions of dollars to upgrade and repair our roadways, and I would hope there is something for the people that will be voting on this issue and who actually live on these roads.

Further, the state could save money with the patching and repair every year if a little more design would be considered, such as a heavy base course in lieu of just overlaying with 1 inch of asphalt. The DOH Marshall County Maintenance Department “repaired” Hazelwood Drive Route 88/3 and Pin Oak Drive Route 88/37 last fall and the base failures and holes have already reappeared. These areas will get progressively worse once the freeze and thaw of the winter weather sets in.

The commitment to repairing and maintaining these roads would help secure full support for the Bond issue from the residence of Marshall County.

Don Patterson