Trump Stance Is Offensive to Veterans

Editor, the News-Register:

Donald Trump stood up in the lobby of Trump Tower and angrily defended the Nazis and Confederate sympathizers who protested and committed an act of domestic terror in Charlottesville last weekend.

Let us be entirely clear about this: This president dishonors the memory of every single American service member who fought and gave their life to fight these evils.

What Donald Trump said about the violent hate rally in Charlottesville is not worthy of the title commander in chief. Not when our military, every day, strives to fight against everything white supremacists and Nazis stand for. It strives to promote equality for the African Americans, Latinos, Jews, LGBT Americans and more, who serve in uniform, that Nazis and white supremacists want to see beaten down, if not exterminated.

This is so over-the-top that it’s hard to imagine an adequate response people can take. As veterans, we need to protest and make our voices heard online and offline. As an Iraq veteran who served with people of all races, religions, and backgrounds who risked their lives while most of these redneck bigots sat on their couches, I feel it is my duty as patriot to resist this president and his un-American policies every step of the way.

Ben Lofton