Wheeling Should Expand Recycling

Editor, News-Register:

I am pleased to see that the City of Wheeling administration is evaluating its recycling program.

For many years I have participated in the program. But it seemed somewhat futile only saving newspapers and cans when so many products families regularly use are packaged in other materials.

Then, a couple of years ago, a friend told me about Scrappy Pappy’s, a Wheeling-based recylcling business.

Since then my family has gone from being a passive particpant to a vested activist, and we recycle so much more.

We save all types of paper: copy paper, advertising circulars, junk mail, any scrap of paper. Light cardboard such as paper towel tubes, cereal boxes, milk and juice containers, and boxes other food products utilize.

Plastic includes: again milk and juice containers, laundry detergent bottles, fruit and vegatable packages, and more.

Glass bottles and jars, heavy cardboard, as well as the standard newsprint are saved as well.

By recycling with Scrappy Pappy’s, my family of four has reduced the trash put out for collection on average by one 39-gallon trash can per week!

I would like to see the city administration work agressively with Scrappy Pappy’s, a Wheeling taxpayer and community resource, to develop a complete recycling program that works. How many tons of materials could be recycled, and would not end up in a landfill, if every family in the city has similar success as ours?

Stuart Pavilack