Vote to Approve Road Bond Program

Editor, News-Register:

Better roads, more jobs and greater opportunity. That’s what West Virginia stands to gain by passing the Roads to Prosperity road bond referendum on Saturday, October 7.

It’s time to fix West Virginia’s potholes, uneven pavement, aging bridges and unfinished sections of road. Tens of thousands of jobs will be created through this initiative; growing our state’s economy and benefitting your family and community.

And all of us, in every county across the state, will benefit from more than $3.3 billion in construction spending. As just a few examples, more than $280 million will be spent in Kanawha County, over $300 million in Cabell County, nearly $200 million in Ohio County, over $120 million in Berkeley County, and more than $400 million in the north central West Virginia corridor spanning Harrison, Marion and Monongalia Counties.

And best of all, this is not going to raise taxes at all. Zero. The Legislature already approved the revenue stream for the road bonds, and Governor Justice has promised voters that this project will not require any tax increases.

We have the power to fix our roads, make our highways safer, put people to work and grow West Virginia’s economy with the passage of this referendum.

On behalf of the West Virginia Business & Industry Council, representing manufacturing, coal, retail, hospitals, auto dealers, gas producers and so many more vital state industries, we encourage you to vote in favor of the Roads to Prosperity Amendment during the special referendum Oct. 7, or during early voting Sept. 22-Oct 4.

We, as West Virginians, have the power make our road system safer and more modern. We can put the state on the path to economic prosperity And, all it takes is a few minutes of your time.

Chris Hamilton, Chairman

W.Va. Business & Industry Council

Charleston, W.Va.