Parking a Problem In Downtown Wheeling

Editor, News-Register:

Will we ever get retail shopping in downtown Wheeling? If we do and we park at a meter, you need to remember, that a parking meter ticket went from $3 to $10! Look at the time on the meter and if you park at a one hour meter, you may only get benefit of 55 minutes and if you park at a two hour meter, you may only get benefit of one hour and 55 minutes! Either way at expiration you will come back to a $10 instead of $3 ticket!

The city officials may tell you parking on a meter in bigger cities cost you much more for a ticket at an expired meter! Remember we are a city of 27,000-plus population.

So while city officials encourage parking in city owned garages, they are putting in more meters! (Something wrong with this picture?) Is this the venue of a friendly city?

Charles Ballouz