VA Health Care Professionals Praised

Editor, News-Register:

I feel the need to clear up some misconceptions on Department of Veterans Affairs care. I always hear horror tales of anything from lengthy waits to obtain care to death from inept employees. I have been receiving care from the VA for over 20 years now and have gotten swift and quality service in every instance.

From my local clinic in St. Clairsville to the hospital in Pittsburgh, my every need has been met and then some. Sometimes, in my opinion, they have gone above and beyond my expectations.

If I need to go to Pittsburgh, a van transports me to and from the hospital. The VA office in Bellaire has been instrumental in ensuring that I receive all the benefits that were due to me.

I shudder to think of what my status would be without the VA. So I would like to give kudos and a hearty shout out to all my friends at the Bellaire, St. Clairsville and Pittsburgh VA who ensure that all my needs are met. I would also like to wish all my brothers and sisters who have served and are serving still a very happy Veterans Day. We are all a cog in the big machine that keeps this country free.

Don Grimes

Powhatan Point