Veterans, the American Legion Needs You

Editor, News-Register:

As a 40-plus year proud member of our community, a veteran and a member of Benwood Blake Brothers Post 46 American Legion, I can say we are more than a canteen/bar. It is also sad to see that the younger generation in the area are not joining the American Legion.

The American Legion started in 1919 and does a lot more than own a bar/canteen for people to drink and tell war stories. The Legion does so much more for our community, schools, homeless veterans, children and yes, the American Legion wrote the first GI Bill that the veterans uses to buy homes, or use the money to continue their education and still make sure that the U.S. government will always treat our vets the way they should be treated.

Our country is going through a very tough time but I know as a veteran you are taught to respect our flag, our country, our president and our God. The American Legions on both sides of the Ohio River has donated to local charities, schools, cities, and to the homeless veterans. We are all proud of the work we have done, but we need your help as membership is dwindling. We need members to fight against the lobbyists and Congress members who are taking our benefits as veterans.

You do not have to drink or gamble to be a member of your local Legion. The meeting room is where all the decisions are made and where you matter the most. The canteen is there to make the money that is donated to all the projects.

So if you are a veteran and looking for something to do to help your community, children or other veterans, we would like to have you as a member. Come to a local American Legion Post and bring your DD214 and fill out a membership card and pay your dues (around $30 to $40 a year). If after a year, you are still unsure, so be it. Being a small town Legion with so much to offer, I think you will continue your membership, just to say that, “I am helping the community, local schools and my fellow veterans.”

This is a great organization and I am proud of what we do. You can also go on line to and see the work that is done. Thanks for reading this and come help us help our causes and God Bless!

Jim Davis

Past National Vice Commander

and Director of West Virginia Legion

Boys State