We Don’t Need Guns For Protection Anymore

Editor, News-Register:

There have been several letters regarding gun control since the Las Vegas shooting. There were views on both sides of the issue.

The one view opposed to gun control compared natural causes of death, i.e., health-related death, to defend causes of death involving guns. This view ignores the fact that perfectly healthy people are killed by guns. Why should you be able to own a military-style gun whose only purpose is to kill or maim perfectly healthy people?

The Second Amendment was written in the 18th century when “a well regulated militia” was necessary for the security of the people. It is now the 21st century, where there are ample resources to protect the people, the National Guard. It is a fallacy that you require any type of weapon to protect yourself. The right to own a weapon whose only purpose is to kill or maim many people, i.e., military-type weapons.

Those who want those types of weapons believe we are in the 18th century.

Alfred Tellitocci