Birch’s Idea on Trees At Schools Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

It is believed Abraham Lincoln said, “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.” That’s the predicament Ohio County school board member Tim Birch found himself at Tuesday’s board meeting when he reminisced about his days at Triadelphia High School. Mr. Birch said young Timmy took great comfort and solace in staring out the window during class time and seeing shade trees. Mr. Birch now laments that today’s Ohio County students can’t daydream in class like he did and stare at trees.

Mr. Birch’s solution for this dilemma is to plant shade trees on school properties, and in a mere 15-25 years, our children’s children can benefit from Mr. Birch’s contribution to public education. I intend to name my tree “Falstaff” after the fool in several of Shakespeare’s plays.

Missing from Mr. Birch’s ramblings was what concrete pads at, for example, Wheeling Park HS he intends to dig up or where on the building he plans to add windows so our students in need of a good daydream could actually see said trees. I would suggest a grove of shade trees be planted in the infield of the school’s track since it has become unusable and a hazard after years of neglect. In the alternative, a more practical and less destructive solution might be a shade tree screen saver for kids to stare at in class.

Making headlines again after about 18 months of silence serves as a reminder that the mad hatter will be up for re-election in May 2018 should he make the unfortunate decision to run again. Mr. Birch had the foresight in the last election to publicly endorse a village idiot and a harpy, both of whom underwhelmed the voters of Ohio County. Hopefully, Mr. Birch’s shade tree idea for our schools is his swan song. If not, I implore at least one intelligent, sane and rational person from Mr. Birch’s magisterial district to make a run at his school board seat. I guarantee you won’t be outsmarted.

David Delk