Letter Set Bad Example For Our Young People

Editor, News-Register:

I believe that Mr. David Delk’s letter that appeared in the newspaper Sunday, Dec. 3, began with a believed quote from Abraham Lincoln: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.” Perhaps Mr. Delk should have taken that quote to heart before writing such a nasty letter about Mr. Tim Birch’s idea regarding tree planting at various Ohio County Schools.

I will admit to not knowing either Mr. Delk or Mr. Birch, and really have no stance on the idea put forth by Mr. Birch. However, I was truly taken aback by the tone in which Mr. Delk publicly “down-punched” Mr. Birch. A column also appeared that same Sunday by Mr. Mark Shields in which he defined “down-punching” as “mocking or disparaging someone or some group that is less influential, privileged or affluent than are the mocker or his audience.”

I realize that the tone of politics these days is to belittle and basically mock and name call others just to try to get a point across, but I have to ask the people using these tactics — just exactly what kind of an example are you setting for our young people?

There is so much talk, and in many cases, many people working tirelessly to put an end to bullying. So, again, Mr. Delk, exactly what kind of example did you set for our young people by name calling and disparaging Mr. Birch in the manner that you did? It came across to me and to others with whom I have spoken since your comments appeared, that perhaps you are “down-punching” Mr. Birch as a way to gain votes for yourself to win a seat on the Board of Education? Goodness help the students of Ohio County Schools if that is the example you would put forth if elected to a seat on the BOE.

Bobbie Didion