We Owe Unpaid Debt To American Indians

Editor, News-Register:

Our government paid the American Japanese for placing them in camps during World War II, or so I have heard, and they give the illegals money to live on, as well as the generations of welfare recipients, and some black people feel they should be reimbursed because their past relatives were slaves.

What I do not understand is why our government does not help the American Indians the way they should.

We paid a pittance for their land, walked them for thousands of miles to waste land to live on, and ignore them. When they found out that some of that land had oil, we took it. We treat them like dirt under our shoes. Why? Is it because we stole their land and are so ashamed of ourselves that we bury our heads in the sand, which is the easy way out?

Though I am in no way related to the American Indian, I cannot understand why our government does not do a better job in helping the Indians. They, more than any others, deserve much better treatment. Our animals are treated a heck of a lot better than they are. Why is this? The Indians have done nothing wrong other than fight for their lives and traditions. Our government owes the Indians so very much.

Lyda Cox