Improve Current Law On Medical Marijuana

Editor, News-Register:

In my view, state Sen. Ryan Fern’s views on legalizing marijuana — delivered from a head in the sand, albeit imperial, point of view and recorded in your publication — offer confusion rather than clarity to West Virginians hungry for a progressive, debt-free state. As with any advocate of the status quo, he searched for and accepted views from Denver that supported his predisposed viewpoint disfavoring legal marijuana and discarded views that tested his mindset on that issue.

Legalized marijuana in Denver came into being because it addressed popular demand by its citizenry and was never intended to be a serendipity for that state, nor will it be a cure-all for West Virginia staggering under debt and indecision; but it could be a sizable finger in a leaking dam holding back financial waters.

Denver reaping tax revenue and increased employment from legalized marijuana was a plus for a grassroot movement. As with any new endeavor, problems will occur, and detractors will pop up like mushrooms, but they do not negate the positive outcome in Denver because of legalized recreational marijuana that includes medical marijuana.

What legalized marijuana will mean to West Virginia is a step from dark-age thinking, badly-needed revenue to offset the fluctuating fossil-fuel revenue fickleness, and increase employment in desperate counties, and most important — relief to every arthritic and pain-ridden senior, physically and mentally wounded veterans, maimed and diseased coal miners, and sick children to name some of the needy.

What the state does not need is the hodge-podge, over-regulated, and anachronistic-legislated medical marijuana bill put forth by Ferns and the devil-seeing pilgrims in Charleston. The current medical marijuana bill as written helps the few and ignores the many.

As long as elected West Virginia politicians, led by Majority Leader Senator Ferns, keep their heads in the sand, hatching their anachronistic eggs, hope for a progressive debt-free state will remain stillborn.

Sonny Fair