Panhandle Cleaning, Restoration Is Praised

Editor, News-Register:

After experiencing a devastating fire that almost completely destroyed our home this past year, my wife Linda and I were faced with the decision of whom to select to restore (and practically rebuild) our home.

We chose Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration of Wheeling, and boy we are thankful that we did! We would like to thank owner Robert Contraguerro Sr., who personally assured us that Panhandle would do whatever it takes to make us happy with the restoration.

We would also like to thank Construction Project Manager Jack Prettyman, who was constantly at the house supervising the many workers who rebuilt our home’s interior.

Throughout the process, there were numerous employees and craftsmen (too many to name here) who replaced the roof, erected and painted new drywall, installed a new furnace, did a complete rewiring, crafted new plumbing, laid new floors, etc. It was a mammoth undertaking.

Finally, although the construction took longer than we had expected because of the many decisions to make and projects to complete, we still feel that it was all well worth it. Thank you, Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration, for making our devastated house a beautiful home again.

Thomas J. Beatty