Postal Service Not Doing Adequate Job

Having sent five packages to Katy, Texas for Christmas via the United State Post Office, we are not very merry. The parcels were sent within the Post Office guidelines for on-time delivery during the holiday season. The parcels were posted at the Glen Dale office and then forwarded to the Warrendale, Pa., post office for final delivery. Simple enough, right?

At Warrendale, the parcels fall into the triangle (Bermuda) and for days are scanned at the same time. After arriving at Houston, the same thing occurs. We know this because we pay extra postage so that we can follow the progress of our packages. One of our packages was sent to Newark, N.J., and has yet to surface.

We have made repeated calls to the postal authorities with the same patronizing results. We are told that they will look into the situation and call us back.

This has not happened. The wait to talk to a real person can last up to one hour. One of the phone calls resulted in the official hanging up and on the last call we made the official told us he did not have time for us because others were waiting. Very unprofessional.

Because of the above cases we will now be utilizing United Parcel Services for future mailing needs. Note: This occurs anytime we send packages to Katy.

Scott Miller

Glen Dale