School Environment Still Safe, Productive

Editor, News-Register:

If we let our lowest common denominators dictate public opinion, we are failing as a society. Race issues exist everywhere and, yes, at Wheeling Park High School. No one is disputing that, but our local community has to do better with common sense. We literally allowed a small group of some of our most uneducated students to create a false truth, cause a false panic among people obviously willing to believe anything, and redefine the inappropriate behavior of a few idiot kids as a “race war.”

We had multiple media outlets using fourth- and fifth-hand social media posts as sources. We had adults spreading rumors of multiple stabbings, guns being found and, again, a brewing “race war.” These rumors come from dumb kids, not dumb in the academic sense, but dumb in the sense that we don’t turn over governance to 15-18 year- olds for good reason.

There are about 1,500 kids at Wheeling Park, my guess would be less than two percent are causing these problems — mirroring our larger society. Vigilance is a virtue, but irrationality, irresponsibility and ignorance are not. We need to do better with perspective on every issue. Hopefully all parents and community leaders actually think before any further reactions are made.

Some students (kids) make racist comments. Students also say appallingly sexist things, homophobic things, fat shame, send nude pictures to each other and both cyber and regular bully one another. No race, gender or sexual orientation is immune from being both perpetrator and victim of hate and stupidity. Wheeling Park is no different than any school. Schools are trying their best to educate despite all these distractions. We cannot expect schools to cure society’s ills. I expect the schools to provide a safe and productive learning environment, and they are.

David Delk