Trump Claims Can Be Proven To Be False

Editor, News-Register:

I would like to identify a number of areas of serious contradictions and hypocrisy on the part of President Trump, as well as his Republican collaborators in the Congress and conservative media, regarding their selling of their agenda and glorifying their “accomplishments” to date in a concerted effort to “con” the public with self-aggrandizing rhetoric. They do this while lashing out at the legitimate media, who has the unmitigated gall of holding them accountable for their seemingly ceaseless attempts to convince the public to consider their verbiage to be the essense of reality, when in actuality many of their pontifications are the opposite of actual and easily verifiable facts.

President Trump and his surrogates often brag that he “inherited a mess,” economically and otherwise, and that he deserves credit for reviving our nation’s economy when in fact, our economy under President Trump has added an average of 174,000 jobs per month, which is actually lower than the 190,000 jobs created per month during the final year of the presidency of Barack Obama, who took office when our economy was losing over 800,000 jobs a month as a result of the Great Recession under President George W. Bush. During the Obama Administration, the stock market literally doubled in value and the rate of employment was cut in half.

Essentially, President Trump is the beneficiary of the Obama and Democratic economic agenda.

Also, according to, our nation has “outsourced more than 93,000 jobs since the Trump election, according to United States Labor Department data. Whereas the previous five years, under President Obama, saw an average of 87,500 jobs lost yearly to foreign competion.

Amazingly, Trump has often and vigorously criticized Obama for his record regarding outsourcing, when in fact, outsourcing has escalated under the Trump presidency.

So much for his decree of “America First” and “Make American Great Again!”

The recently approved GOP tax bill, which has been described as “the most significant tax overhaul in 30 years,” will add $1.5 trillion to our deficit, while inordinately benefiting the wealthiest among us, according to respected economists.

So much for the “populism” and “deficit hawk/fiscally responsible” mantra of President Trump and congressional Republicans, which significantly helped their performance in the 2016 election. Now it appears that the Republican Party has morphed into the party of Trump, where much of what the party had advocated for decades is no longer a priority.

Perhaps as a result of the aforementioned as well as other significant and most disturbing words and actions by President Trump and his Republican allies have led 59 percent of Americans polled to state that they believe that, “We, as a nation, are at the lowest point in our country’s history that they can remember,” per the American Psychological Association.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry