Both Democrats, Republicans Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

What has happened to politics in this great country? When we have a Republican president in office, the Democrats band together and try to disrupt everything that he tries to do. And when we have a Democratic president in office, the Republicans band together and do the exact same thing. Each party cares only about what benefits their party and not what benefits the citizens of this country. That is exactly why this country voted Donald Trump in office.

We were all getting sick and tired of the “politically correct” spineless politicians in Washington, D.C., who sit back and watch as our great country goes down the tubes. We wanted a non-politician who was not afraid to finally put American citizens first. I think that the Democrats should grow a spine and accept the fact that we just didn’t want them in the Oval Office. And there are a handful of Republicans who need to get over the fact that they got their butts handed to them in the primaries. You all need to act like adults and work together to move this country forward.

Randy Tschappatt