Lawmakers’ Abortion Action Is Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

What is dumber than a donkey? A donkey with blinders. There are 25 such blinder-wearing donkeys chewing abhorrent alfalfa and backfire braying in the West Virginia State Senate.

This is a response to your article appearing Feb. 10 of this year.

The recent majority vote in the West Virginia Senate to rescind state funding for Medicaid-paid abortions for women — mostly poverty-stricken pregnant females — is just one more example of the morally-stricken, floppy-eared legislators attacking women, whom they deem undeserving of independent control of their bodies and control of their future; therefore, they supply their morally-blessed wisdom and sentence these ill-fated females to a life-altering life of drudgery and despair raising an unwanted child.

These floppy-eared, hairy-tailed legislators proposed this dastardly law under the guise of saving the state money: Total spent in 2017, $326,103 for 1,560 abortions. These figures do not indicate if federal money lessens West Virginia’s obligation, nevertheless it is a drop in the bucket to what the state spends on medical outlays.

Pulling their moral-laden wagon, these legislators have their muzzles so far up each other’s haunches, they cannot see — or care to see — they are pushing poor, defenseless women into situations where they may shortly become wards of the state at a much higher and permanent cost to West Virginia.

Young women, who are fortunate to have the parental guidance and education to avoid unwanted pregnancy and who would contribute to this state’s wellbeing, will not stay in such a backward donkey-pulled state, nor will the wives and daughters of business owners and entrepreneurs want to live in a state where time marches backwards; wherein legislative donkeys, hell-bent for leather to return to the barn and chew ancient alfalfa and bray their long-winded blasts to fellow donkeys throughout the state; they, blinder-bound cannot cast a sideward glance toward this nation’s progress where women are gathering strength with Me-too and Equal Rights and Opportunity movements. Women are a majority entering college and the medical profession and breaking barriers in other professions. Probably not donkey material.

If our West Virginia donkeys could shake off their blinders, they might realize this is the 21st century, not the donkey-pulled beginning of the 20th century.

Sonny Fair