Proposed Wheeling Raises Are Too Much

Editor, News-Register:

I protest Wheeling Council’s pending monetary increase!

Mayor Elliot said he needed someone to protest his and council’s considered monetary increase in order to have the people vote on this measure. Well, he has someone and I hope a lot more.

The mayor says that the raise is necessary to attract the “brightest and best” individuals for the public jobs of mayor and council. This must mean that we now have the “dimmest and worst” people serving on council, since these people supposedly campaigned and won the jobs desiring to “serve the people” of Wheeling without concern about what the jobs paid. I’m sure that the intent of our current public officials to increase the positions’ income is sincere. Perhaps a modest increase is warranted, but not the amount being sought.

The point is that any and all candidates wanting to serve must not be concerned about how much the jobs pay. All this can do is attract those individuals that really don’t have the public’s interest as their main goal, only in making the money that the job will pay.

Increasing the mayor’s and council members’ income by almost double when so many in Wheeling haven’t a chance to do the same is not acceptable. They even have the audacity to have their accountant go back to the early 90’s to possibly even raise their income more, based on the cost of living since that period forward. When this increase would take effect is without merit. Too much money!

I would encourage the voters of Wheeling to vote this proposition down if and when it comes to a public vote in the future.

Robert Hamilton