Teachers Wrong To Hold Walkout

Editor, News-Register:

I could not remain silent after reading teachers may hold a walkout, because they aren’t satisfied with a 1 percent pay raise every year for next 5 years. I ask how many people get guaranteed raises? Raises that are guaranteed before work performances are even known. Teachers in West Virginia shouldn’t get any raise as long as our children are 49th in the nation in education. Who rewards employees that under perform?

I also read that Ohio County Superintendent Kim Miller would cancel school so that teachers could walk off their jobs and not lose their bonuses. If Superintendent Miller accommodates teachers this way, she should be removed from her position as superintendent.

Any teacher or school personnel that walk off the job should forfeit their perfect attendance bonuses. If any school district provides transportation to employees to protest, that school needs to reimburse tax payers for inappropriate use of funds. Teachers in West Virginia are not legally allowed to strike.

It’s the same story that teachers aren’t paid enough. Comparing teachers’ salaries to other jobs is ridiculous. All other jobs require their employees to work all year long. Teachers only work approximately 36 weeks a year; everyone else works 52 weeks.

That is almost like having 16 weeks of vacation a year.

Teachers are quite lucky to receive the pay and benefits they get. Comparing teachers’ salaries with neighboring states doesn’t show a complete picture. There are 16 other states that have starting wages lower then West Virginia. Just to name a few: South Dakota, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Nebraska, etc.

Teachers are also unhappy about their insurance premiums going up. There’s a solution: Cut some of your coverage; don’t carry Cadillac insurance. Take the money spent on union dues and use that for premium increases. Push for total repeal of Obamacare.

If people can’t afford the insurance coverage they have they should make whatever changes they can, allowing them to afford the premiums.

Greed is ruining the country. Be happy you have jobs. With the increases in technology, children could in future receive their education from home.

Sandy Hill